Thursday, January 21, 2010

Four Icons

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved watching old movies. Because of that I have developed a love for these beautiful actors and just about anything vintage. I just adore old Hollywood glamour. It is so inspiring. If I could dress like them everyday I would. Maybe if I had a few more hours in my day to sew up some forties/fifties styled dresses I could or if I had more money to buy real vintage.
So here are some of my favorite starlets.

Judy Garland
Growing up the Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies. I thought she was amazing and always wanted to sing like her.

Judy with Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney. I loved when she starred in movies with Mickey. They were my favorite in Babes in Arms. I just thought Mickey was so cute. I remember telling my second grade teacher that Judy and Mickey were my favorite actors. I wasn't your average little kid. haha

So cute!

Marilyn Monroe

I just think Marilyn is adorable. Although she took a fair share of risque pictures she always looked so innocent. I love her style. Her classic cat eye eyeliner is my favorite.

Elizabeth Taylor
yet another pretty starlet.

Last but definitely not least

Audrey Hepburn
She was so elegant and had so much poise.

After looking at those pretty pictures I am so inspired.I want to start sewing a pretty dress soon. I have these two patterns.

I don't know which one I will choose. I really like the Vogue dress but I am thinking the Butterick one might be easier. I will make both eventually. Now i just need to pick a pretty fabric.
Ohhh, I really really want a record player.

A pretty pink one would be nice. Or just an old one to go by my pretty phone.

Images are from weheartit

Well that's all for tonight.

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