Saturday, January 30, 2010

SEW inspired

Just washed,ironed, and folded some of my new fabrics.Folding fabrics is my favorite I could do it all day. Who know what these fabrics will become. I'm excited to make lots of pretty things.Eeee!!!

I just love that when you create something you have endless possibilities. I made this top but in the dress version a couple weeks ago. It turned out super cute. I am going to put it on the etsy page once I get it going. It should be pretty soon. I have been making lots of stuff for the page.

Okay this is totally random but
I want a tree house

don't we all...
I know every kid has dreamed of one.
This one is amazing though. Since I will probably never get one like this unless I win the lotto I am going to bed to dream about it.

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