Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was a crazy day. I was worried about my sick little mimi all day. She went to the vet early and got some blood work done and some medicine. We will get the results tomorrow. Please pray all is well. Thank God she is eating again. She seems alot healthier. Now I need to figure out how to pay back my parents. Anyone need a babysitter? Haha

So I went to school today and unfortunately I didn't get the class that I was waitlisted for but my other professors seem really great. Then Gaby and I went home and got some food. We took the bus and it took forever. So here is a picture of Gaby and I at the bus stop. I was suppose to make a sad face but I realized I am super bad at it haha. I just look really bad haha.

Then my friend Suzelle texted me last minute to see if I could watch her sweet baby boy. I just love him. I am actually holding him right now well writing this post on my phone. Here is a picture the lighting is horrible though.

He is four months old and I just don't want to put him down. I'm such a cuddler.
Mimi looks really jealous right now. But I will hold her later.
Well goodnight world.
- Esther


Mrs. K's Super Second Graders said...

Poor little Mimi! We are praying for sister to feel better soon!!! Love you and hugs and kisses from charlie and lola and auntie joy and uncle sean! :)

Cassie said...

aww the baby is so cute ! Il keep you and mimi in my prayers.

Cassie said...

the baby is so cute il keep you and mimi in my prayers