Monday, January 4, 2010

O no

So today I found out that I really don't like evening classes. I am such a morning person which makes taking a four to six class difficult.

Today was a crazy day. I got to school at twelvish and then went to find Gaby. I got to go to her work and guess what. She has her own office. How cool is that. So I told her I had to take her picture. I would have been surprised if she had her own computer but no she has an entire office room to herself. So cool.

Then after chatting with Gaby I went to my math class. Not so good. My teacher seems really nice but he is a little hard to follow. Luckily I know most of the material from taking it last year. I just really don't want to do it all again. Being sick didn't make the situation any better.

So by the time I got out of class it was cold and dark. Gaby and I walked to the bus stop and then hopped on. We had to wait for one bus so long. It was ridiculous. I really cold.

Well I am praying that tomorrow goes a little better. As for as my classes go. I have lots to do.

O and Im worried about fuzzy face. She vomited three times last night and has a bit of the runs. So gross. O and she is sickly thin. She really needs to put on some weight. I think a visit to the vet is in order. I just need to find the time to take her and some money. I am hoping my mama will be able to help me out. Please pray there is nothing seriously wrong with my little Mimi. Im really praying that she has somthing minor and will be better soon. I don't want to be stressed over this.


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