Sunday, June 10, 2012


the beginning of today was perfection.
the ending was a bit on the rocky side.
I'll get the bad stuff at of the way first so I can leave you with the loveliness that was most of my day.

The not so wonderful part.
As I walked to the train station to leave Xativa a boy, probably around twelve or thirteen, managed to run straight into me on his bike. I mean STRAIGHT into me. He had quickly turned a corner and either he didn't see me or he must have had no brakes. Crazy right. Well it didn't hurt too bad but I now see bruises forming on my legs. Luckily I managed to put my hands out to kind of block him so my upper body is completely fine. But my legs are tad banged up. Nothing too bad though.

When I got to the train station I saw the doors close for the train I needed to go on. Drats. I knew another one would be coming in about a half an hour but it is so lame knowing that if I hadn't been hit by a boy on a bike I'd probably could have made it.

Oh it gets better. So Then I finally get the train that I think I'm suppose to be on. Turns out I was wrong.... It went to the place,Estacio del Nord the station, that I needed to go to. But turns out it was the express train or something so when the ticket man came to see my ticket I kindly gave it to him and then he tells me this is not the right one. So he makes me buy a completely different ticket.... Grrr... By this time I was so over it. He didn't speak a single word of english. Or maybe he pretended he didn't. Anyways I bought the ticket and then listened to Sia the whole trip home.
above I am with my two train tickets. Oh and you can see a teen tiny part of my injurys. That little thing is now becoming a big ole' bruise...

Okay let me get to the good stuff. Because most of my day was absolutely fantastic. By far one of my best days in Spain. So I woke up early and headed to Xativa. I got to spend the day with dear friends. We laughed and talked for hours. Oh it was so nice. I totally needed something like that. I can't wait til I do it again.

Here are some of the delightful pieces of my day!DSC_0053DSC_0056DSC_0057
Sweet Lucia. I adore her! I just want to take her back to the states with me.

I am loving life.

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