Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Paella

Today I was suppose to go to Xativa early in morning to spend time with friends but unfortunately I decided against it when I saw it was raining pretty hard. I had no umbrella and didn't feel like getting soaking wet walking to the underground so early in the morning. By 9 a.m. the storm clouds had cleared up and I decided to go to Valencia. There was a farmers market type thing going on so I walked around and checked out the booths.
Even bought myself some delicious chocolate.
I'm wondering if they will be there every week so I can buy some to bring home! Next time I want to buy the dark chocolate with almonds.
Today I tried to take some pictures with me actually in them. I really haven't taken any yet. That's one difficult thing about traveling alone. You don't really have proof that you were actually there. So anytime I catch my reflection I'll try to snap some photos... It's not the best way to have pictures of yourself. But what else can I do? So I suppose this will do for now until I see my friends so I can take some photos with them.
In the one above I look so unhappy but it really was a lovely day.
When I took this picture it had just begun to rain. Not too heavy though. It wasn't til about ten minutes later that it started to pour. By the time I made it to the house I was SOAKED! It reminded me of when I was in Rome last year and it was pouring rain and no one had an umbrellas. It was crazy! Everyone was soaked. We ran around the city with card board boxes. It was fantastic.
So much for straightening by hair!
When I arrived at the house it was time for lunch!!
The Paella was so very good. I ate way too much. I just couldn't help it.
We also had some yummy shrimp to enjoy.
And a lovely bottle of red wine.
Here I am with the woman I working for and one of her friends before enjoying the meal.

It was yet another lovely day in Spain. God is so good to me. To him be the Glory. Everything I have is because of him.


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