Monday, June 18, 2012

Mercat Central

Being a person who deeply appreciates good food I absolutely love going to open air markets. I wish we had markets like this in Los Angeles. When I was in studying in London I use to love going to the borough market Now I have Valencia's central Market to keep my foodie self content.DSC_0468DSC_0470DSC_0472
Spainards are really big meat eaters!DSC_0475
Snails! Something I have not tried yet...DSC_0482
After I had walked around for a bit I stood at the bar and had some delicious hortacha and a farton. This is a traditional Valencian food/snack. The horchata is completely different from the Mexican kind I am familiar with. This type is made from a certain type of nut. The flavor is very unique and it is wonderfully refreshing. Something you must try if you come to Valencia.

Well I am now off to bed. Happy Monday.

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