Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 weeks

Over 3 weeks have gone by since my arrival in Spain.
I can't believe it.
I feel like I have been her quite a bit longer.
I already know the little village so well.
I have picked out my favorite spots in the little town of La Canyada and many of the shopkeepers already recognize me.
It's great.
I love the small town feeling.
The best part is that I am not too far from the city center. Just one metro ride and I'm there.
So I have it all a big city and a small town at my fingertips.
In the past three weeks I have done so much! It's unbelievable.
Yes some days are hard but other days are absolutely amazing.
I feel beyond blessed to be experiencing the world on my own.
It is one of the most unique things I have ever done.
To go and live in a foreign country.
To leave everything familiar and be alone.
and I mean alone.
I haven't spoken to an American in almost a month! (well I have on Skype but not in person)
It is a very liberating feeling and I have truly taken a liking to it.
Of course I miss all those I hold near and dear.
But I'm doing okay on my own.
I really am.

As always I will continue to ask you to pray for me. There is great power in prayer. Or should I say there is great power in the Good God that hears the prayers. The wonderful weeks I have experienced here are a testament to answered prayers. Im asking my heavenly Father for patienece and a gentle heart. I just need to work on practicing the fruit of the spirits.

Sorry no photos we didn't go to the beach today but we just might on Friday!!


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