Wednesday, June 6, 2012

long day

Today was a long and hot day.
I didn't do anything real exciting.
Watched the babe in the morn.
We drove to the German market right after.
The woman I am working for made a delightful lunch and then I watched and helped bathe the baby in the evening.
There was really no time for me to go out.
I suppose I could go out for a walk now but Im too sleepy.
I think I just might stay in and knit and watch the Count of Monte Cristo. I bought a couple dvds. Monte Cristo and Downton Abbey. Wish I brought a few more.
But it's actually really good that I'm not able to watch t.v. I need a break from all the electronics at home.
We don't even have Spanish television here.
She only has German cable and there is one BBC news channel.

Well night friends. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to go out and get some breakfast from the little cafe I like.


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