Thursday, June 21, 2012

40 centigrades

Today was hot! 40 centigrades to be exact which equals about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. We have hot days like this in Los Angeles but its usually more of a dry heat. Here it is so humid. So when its hot you sweat. ALOT. Especially since not everyone has air conditioning. Im use to everyone always running there air in LA. I know I am spoiled. I live an extremely luxurious life in the 21st century. Yes I do realize that a hundred years back that air conditioning was non existence. So I am not complaining just making an observation. The heat can be so draining especially when you travel by foot everywhere. I am trying to take my walks as early as possible these days. Because if I don't it can be exhausting. The sun literally melted the make up I had put on in the morning. Yep it's hot.
The above photo was taken at about 9:30 PM with the sun still shining high in the sky. It gets dark so late here. It's one of my favorite thing about this city. I am so glad decided to go out for desserts to cool down.

Yep I know! Shame on me. 2 days of ice cream in a row. That's alright with all the sweating. I thing I earned it!


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