Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Esther Party of One

So today I went out to a nice restaurant all by my lonesome. Believe it or not this is something I have always wanted to do. I suppose it could be because I really enjoy delicious food and I'm not going to wait around for someone to ask me out in order to go to some lovely dining establishment. Lucky for me it just so happened to be Valencia's Restaurant week. Many wonderful restaurant all around Valencia are offering a fixed lunch or dinner menu at 20 or 30 Euro. This is a great opportunity to try meals that would normally cost 60 euro plus.

Well in Spain the people eat meals very different from Americans. For one lunch does't really start til two or three and dinner is usually between nine and ten. I know, so weird! I mean in America some people have "supper" at around five. They also eat in courses. I mean we see that at fancy American restaurants too. But the spanish even eat in courses at home. So the meals are very long and drawn out.

Anyways lets get back to me eating all alone at a fancy restaurant. Oh and by alone I really mean ALONE. I made my reservation for 1:00 PM and like I said earlier the spanish don't start eating til 2:00. So I was the only girl in the entire establishment. It was strange but I felt like royalty or something.

Ahhh now the photos of the meal. Enjoy.

I got to see upstairs by the giant window. So nice!
The bread was delicious. There was so much food I was only able to eat one piece. I wasn't able to eat a lot of the meal. There were just too many courses.
Oh my the meat was delightful. I ate every last one of those!
This seafood omelet was amazing but I wanted to eat it all but decided to go for half because I knew I had to save room for the entree. I was already getting full. (I have been eating really healthy here in Spain so I think my stomach is shrinking I use to be able to eat a lot more)
Then came the ribs. Hands down the best ribs I have ever tasted!! So tender. Fell right off the bone. ---So I'm really bummed about this but I didn't even make it threw of them. I was hoping to take the rest home but I don't think they really do that in Europe. You don't take left overs home. I tried to ask in English and I don't think he understood. I couldn't really figure out how to ask for a take home container in Spanish.
I was also served with delicious mashed potatoes and a simple salad.
And then I had DELICIOUS dessert.
I'm such a dessert junkie.
Oh and I snapped a picture of myself when I got back. I suppose this one could have been taken anywhere but I will always know it was in Spain on the day "I ate all by my lonesome"

P.S. Thank you so much Daddy for the meal. I'm sure you could tell I enjoyed it. I love you!!

Aren't Dad's great he bought me lunch even though were not in the same country!

xo dear friends

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