Friday, June 1, 2012


Ventured into the city yet again. Gosh there are some stunning buildings here. So old and absolutely beautiful. It's crazy I'll be walking throughout the city and then I'll of a sudden Im passing by the Valencia defensive tours from the early 1400's.
I'm still not use to that. No one acts like its a big deal because they are just part of Valencia. In America we don't have "really old" things. And if we do they are usually between 300-400 years old max. So to see stuff like this all the time is amazing to me.
Enjoying the sunshine on my morning walk.
More beautiful architecture.
During my walk a came a cross a little Museum. I had no idea what kind of museum it was (couldn't understand the spanish sign) but decided to purchase a ticket and go in anyways. It was in a beautiful house. How could I resist.
Swoon. Beautiful woodwork and stunning tiles.
So it turns out it was the museum of toy soldiers. Had I been able to read the sign I'm almost positive I wouldn't have gone in. But for one time in my life I was glad I didn't understand spanish and I'm really happy that I actually went inside.
The whole museum was made up of thousands upon thousand of teeny tiny detailed figurines.
Room after room of battle scenes recreated. It was very interesting.DSC_0382
I enjoyed looking at the ones portraying the conquistadors coming to the Aztecs.
And here with the Mayans.
They also had some action figurines and other toys. I was really surprised to see Babar!! One of my favorite shows from childhood.
I thought this one was cute!
Lord of the Rings
Anyways it was a very unique museum and I really enjoyed my time there!

There are a few more pictures on my flickr if you'd like to see more.

Well who knows what neat things I will find on my next adventure.

Happy Friday Friends!!

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april perry said...

When we were in Barcelona, the architecture was similar....modern walls then aancient walls all connected strange to us as you said but so way cool. I am glad you are enjoying Spain.