Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Alas I have spent the day with Americans. After not coming in contact with "my people" for a bit over a month! It was so nice to speak English so easily with fellow Americans.

So a couple days ago my dear cousin messaged me to let me know that her aunt and uncle would be in Valencia for a few days. She gave me there email and I quickly messaged them and suggested we meet up. We spent a few hours chatting about our lives and the way Spanish culture is so different from ours. It was so very nice.

Oh and and finally I have some photos of myself in Valencia. It only took a month. I will really cherish these pictures. Great photos to document this very interesting time in my life.
We did a bit of sight seeing. There are just too many beautiful things to see in this city. Every where you turn there is something lovely.
Then we had some delicious gelato! Those who know me well are aware of my ice cream/ gelato weakness. Gosh how is it that something so small can bring you so much happiness.

Well its time for dinner. (p.s. it's 10 PM) We eat so late! Got to love Spain.
I better go.

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Mademoiselle Marie said...

Sounds like a great day! I remember how much I enjoyed talking to Germans after months of communicating in a foreign language - although getting back into the foreign language always gets more and more difficult the more you communicate in 'your' language.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Valencia - life has been crazy around here :( I've attempted to send you a letter twice but once I didn't make it to the post office until a week later(and so much has happened in-between, thus the letter was 'outdated') and the second time I was at a friend's but didn't have your address lol. Lame excuses, I know. But I hope hope hope to finally have a couple of minutes at home this weekend so I can send you a little something ;)